Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Porch Pirate Chest.

The chest locks with a simple padlock.  We provide you with a heavy duty combination lock but you can choose any lock you would like to use.  

If you often receive multiple deliveries in a day you can provide your delivery driver with the combination for the lock so they can unlock it, put the parcel inside and relock it afterwards

Your Porch Pirate Chest is secured to your home, either permanently or temporarily, depending on which mounting system you choose. The hardware (aircraft cable, connection boot for under the door, and mounting screws are all included with your purchase.

Besides, porch piracy is a theft of opportunity. Porch Pirates are predominantly a grab-and-run bunch. The Porch Pirate Chest is a big deterrent, as thieves will elect not to try to steal parcels that are locked up. Most of the time, the thief doesn’t even approach the step, if they see that the parcel is IN the box.They will move on to an easier steal.

Typically, Porch Pirates don’t walk around with bolt cutters. As mentioned above, porch piracy is a theft of opportunity. Using break-in tools is not efficient, as it takes too long. They can’t grab and run. Plus, their theft becomes a felony.

Actually, police rarely identify thieves by video. And, porch theft isn’t a high priority for them. And, even if the thief is found and arrested, the police may not be able to locate your parcels.

Absolutely! The Porch Pirate Chest allows non-exposure and no-touch benefits. Plus, it eliminates the need to leave your home to pick up a parcel that has been taken to the nearest postal hosting station (not COVID-friendly), when you happen to miss a delivery.

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