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Tired of losing your packages to “porch pirates”?

So was Edmonton entrepreneur Joe Baxter.

Frustrated with missing deliveries because he wasn’t home to receive them, or worse losing them to theft, he tried to buy a product he assumed was already on the market: A way to keep delivered packages secure that would fold away to save space when not in use. 

When he couldn’t find what he wanted he decided he was just going to have to make it himself!

Today we are proud to bring you the Porch Pirate Chest!

A sturdy container that fits on your porch, keeps your packages secure from thieves and folds away when not in use.



Joe Baxter, owner / inventor of Porch Pirate Chest
Joe Baxter, owner / inventor
Porch Pirate Chest

Porch Pirates Are Stealing Your Parcels!

Porch Pirates are stealing your parcels!

Online shopping in Canada is surging, and the problems of package theft and missed deliveries is also increasing. It is estimated that 30% of all online shoppers have experienced package theft.

Porch piracy is a crime of opportunity, and the thieves are fast!

Over the 2018 Christmas season, the news reported that there was a new incident of package theft every day. More than 11 million packages were stolen in 2018, in the US.


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To Steal a Package

Porch Pirate Chest is the solution to package theft.

The Porch Pirate Chest protects the packages being delivered to your home and is incredibly easy to operate. Simply anchor it to your home, either permanently or temporarily. 

Then just unfold the chest and it’s ready to go!

All the delivery driver has to do is pull open the stainless-steel cage lid, place your packages inside and lock the cage when finished.

When you return home, you retrieve your packages from your Porch Pirate Chest and fold up the cage until you need it again for your next delivery.


Protect delivery parcels

What Delivery Drivers Say...

"Great idea! I’d use that for sure!"
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Canadian UPS Driver
"It doesn’t blend in with anything else on the deck, easy to find and quick to use."
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Canadian FedEx Driver
"Great idea. Easy to use."
Placeholder image for Neville Sinclair
U.S. Fed Ex Driver

Available In Two Sizes

Porch Pirate Chest is available in two sizes

Small Chest Specs

Width: 55cm (22 in)
Depth: 30cm (12 in)
Height: 43cm (17 in)
Weight: 6.35 kg (14 lbs)

MAX Parcel Size (ships in collapsed state)
Width: 66cm (26 in)
Depth: 15.25cm (6 in)
Height: 56cm (22 in)
Shipping Weight: 7.71 kg (17 lbs)

Large Chest Specs

Width: 80cm (30 in)
Depth: 50cm (20 in)
Height: 60cm (24 in)
Weight: 10.43 kg (23 lbs)

MAX Parcel Size (ships in collapsed state)
Width: 84cm (33 in)
Depth: 16.5cm (6.5 in)
Height: 74cm (29 in)
Shipping Weight: 12.7 kg (28 lbs)

Why Porch Pirate Chest?

A Few Words About

Our Team

Our dedicated and skilled team members, each bring their own talents to make Porch Pirate Chest a huge success!

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Joe Baxter

Founding Partner

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Neville Sinclair


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BettyJo Leddy


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