Porch Pirate Chest

Stopping Porch Pirates In Their Tracks!

Delivery Parcel Protection Box
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Delivery Parcel Protection Box

The Porch Pirate Chest is a delivery parcel protection box. It is designed to stop porch pirates in their tracks, when they see that your parcels are locked in a stainless steel  box.

For instance, when you can’t be home to receive your deliveries, they will be kept safe in your Porch Pirate Chest lock box until you return home.

“Never miss a delivery again!”
You never again have to drive to the post drop areas to pick up your parcel.

Watch our video and see how to use the Porch Pirate Chest to protect your delivery parcels.

Permanent Mount

Your Porch Pirate Chest can be mounted permanently to your front step. Hardware included.

Temporary Mount

If you don’t receive a lot of parcels, then our temporary mount option may work best for you. Hardware included.

Easily Collapsible

Permanent or temporary mount, Porch Pirate Chest quickly collapses flat, and stores easily, when not in use .

Porch Pirate Chest with RV

Porch Pirate Chest Goes
Almost Anywhere!

Whether you live in a house, a condo, an apartment, a townhouse or a mobile home, you can use the Porch Pirate Chest to protect your parcel deliveries.

It will even travel with you in your RV!

It stores easily, when it is collapsed. Then, when you’re expecting a delivery, open it up, and use the included aircraft cable to secure your Porch Pirate Chest to the step.

No need to wait around for the delivery person! Instead, go ahead and hit the beach … or do some shopping … or go sight-seeing. Because, your package will be locked up and safe, waiting for your return.

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Get Your Porch Pirate Chest Now!

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What Our Customers Say

Given the build quality of the Porch Pirate Chest, the ease of use, and its low cost vs. other parcel box options, we believe it is a solid solution for those looking for a high degree of package security.
Awesome product to deter theaves from stealing packages. Seems to be a big issue right now. I love how the door stop works... Just put it under your door and attach to the chest, and it ain't going anywhere! No tools required.
Amazon Customer
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